Horse Care For Every Season

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Horse Care For Every Season

If you have a horse, it is going to be your best companion for life. Your horse is your responsibility and in return, it will love you unconditionally like its own. You must make sure the horse is comfortable with the routine you have set for them, the food you feed them, the comfort you offer them in immense hot or cold weather.

Not to mention, petting a horse is not small management. Of course, you and your horse get used to it as time passes by.

Horse care for every season
Following are some points to remember for which your horse will thank you later. Make your horse feel comfortable with you as if it is their home. Ensure that you pamper and show love and care to them enough.

Provide your horse with clean stable rugs. Whether it is winter or summer season, these rugs are of all types and sizes. The horse rugs are of different thicknesses as per the weather requirements. Also, it is important to wash these rugs to avoid infection on the horse’s skin.

The daily routine that you follow with your horse must not shift from time to time. Also, you must not keep changing their day’s schedule according to the weather outside. You may feel hot, cold, lazy, or sick on some days but still, horses dislike a lot of irregularities. Try to fit in according to the same timetable each day. Hence, horses feel happy when they follow their daily regime.

A horse’s salt intake is much more than a then human being or many other animals. It is so because salt helps in the speedy and smooth digestion of food. It is advised to provide your horse with blocks of salt that they can continue using for long hours or sometimes a piece big enough to sustain days. Also, the salt intake must be furthermore increased during the winter season.

Horses need a lot of water. Dehydration is a common issue with horses. Always keep clean water available under their reach. And water also helps in better digestion for the horse so quite a lot of water gets utilized for that process. Try to always provide fresh water with a temperature favorable to the horse according to the season.

For sufficient calories, horses need to feed on enough hay throughout the day. Keep hay stocked up in your horse’s reach so that they don’t wander empty stomach if they feel untimely hunger and you are not around to provide them food.

For your horse to remain active throughout the year make sure they do exercises daily. No matter if it is cold or hot outside. Minimum physical activity every day is a must. This keeps the horse healthy and comfortable. Also, this way you can stick to their schedule by not skipping any working out.

Keeping these things in mind would help and they are all easy to execute. You must take a veterinary appointment from time to time to check that everything is in place.

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