Best Tricep workout with dumbbells at home You Must Read

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Best Tricep workout with dumbbells at home You Must Read

Want to build your tricep muscles, we have a Tricep workout with dumbbells at home by which you can fire your tricep to limit and gain strength too.

Building Tricpet muscles doesn't mean making a 3D look like arms. This muscle is a three-headed muscle that runs rear to your upper arm.

Even tricep muscles engage as secondary muscles with different body parts too, e.g. during chest training, little part in back muscle training, etc.

There are many ways to build your tricep, but it is tough to find the perfect posture to hit great contraction.

Go for these Tricep workouts with dumbbells at home. Here is the list:-

  1. Close Grip Pushup
  2. Bench Dips
  3. Close Grip Bench press
  4. EZ Bar Skull Crushers
  5. Triceps Gravity press
  6. Tall kneeling Triceps Pressodowns
  7. Triceps Kickback

Rep Range 3 to 5 sets of 8-15 reps for moderate and lightweight

3 to 5 sets of 6-12 for heavy lifting.

Rest Time Depends on your body type but not more than 40 secs.

Here is a detailed description, How to perform these with perfect posture.

Close-Grip Pushup
It is an exercise with your body weight. You can perform this anywhere you like, no need for any equipment.

How to perform this

  1. Get in the pushup position
  2. Place a hand under your shoulder width, Hands touch each other making a diamond looking posture.
  3. Contract your core, Glutes, Lower yourself down to the ground.
  4. Make a 45- degree angle with elbows.
  5. Make sure your elbows didn't move out, Try not to move elbows. (Initially, you will find problem maintain this posture but with practice, you will gain stability)
  6. Maintain flexes, Get back to your initial position.

(Tricep workout with dumbbells at home)

Bench Dips
It is also a bodyweight exercise, similar to pushups but different position. Only you require an elevated area where you can place your hand comfortably. If you have any wrist or shoulder problems then please don't try this.


  1. Sit on the bench or any elevated space, Put your hands facing outwards beside your hips.
  2. Extends your legs fully or place them in a chair posture. ( If you are an amateur)
  3. Tight your core and glutes, these muscles assist your body stability.
  4. Contract your shoulders, lifting yourself by straightening your hand.
  5. Lower your body to the depth you are comfortable ( max 45- degree angle between shoulder and forearms)
  6. Then, lift yourself back to the initial position ( Step 4)

Close-Grip Bench Press
After reading bench press you will think it is a chest exercise but if you change your grip insignificantly, it will hit your triceps muscles.


  1. Grip the bar a little closer than the normal bench press, somewhere around your chest, adjust it slightly as per your flexibility.
  2. Hold Barbell with an overhead grip.
  3. Raise it over your chest.
  4. Lower your bar as performing in chest press but elbow near your body and move barbell parallel to your lower chest line.
  5. Get back to the initial position (Step 2).

(Tricep workout with dumbbells at home)

EZ Bar Skull Crushers
It is an exercise help you to isolate your muscles means the whole load will focus on your tricep only.


  1. Be in a bench press position, you can place your legs as per your comfort.
  2. Lift the bar above your chest, place your shoulder firmly against the bench so that it will improve your stability.
  3. Now lower your bar close to your head making an angle between the elbow and forearms. (Don't move your elbows)

Triceps Gravity Press
This exercise didn't provide as much effect compared to other movements but it maintains the perfect tension on the triceps for muscle hypertrophy.


  1. Recline on the bench, Holddumbells over your shoulder by straightening your arms.
  2. Contract your core for greater stability.
  3. Bend your elbows making forearms parallel to the ground.
  4. Slowly extend your arms to the initial position.

Tall Kneeling Triceps Pressdowns
It is similar to Pulley Push Down but slightly different posture; You can do this with the help of resistance bands too. This will also engage your abs and glutes.


  1. Kneel on the ground or any surface.
  2. Keep your torso and thighs in line, tighten your glutes and abs, Shoulder keeping tight in its standard position.
  3. Hold your posture, try not to lean forward (It will create a strain on your lower back)
  4. Hold the band or pulley maintaining the 45-degree angle, now straighten your arms slowly by focusing on triceps and move to the initial position slowly maintaining tension on the tricep.

Triceps Kickback
It is the most efficient exercise to fire your tricep if you perform it precisely. You can perform this with the support of a bench or wall.

Steps: -

  1. Hold your dumbbell, then lean forward holding something for support.
  2. Fix your upper arm and move the elbow and forearm parallel to the ground.
  3. Get back to the initial posture.

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