How Hindi plays an Important Role to Understand Hindu Culture

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How Hindi plays an Important Role to Understand Hindu Culture

One of the main uncertainties among the CBSE Board examinees is how to get decent marks in the main language including Hindi. Hindi is a subject in which getting high marks is not an easy task but in case you stay attentive during online tuition for Hindi then scoring good marks does not become an annoying task anymore. Though self-preparation is important but in addition to the same, you must opt for the online Hindi tuition as well as it helps improve your creative and analytical abilities.

With the CBSE board exam round the corner, we at Ziyyara have presented some beneficial preparation tips for all the school-going students, so that they can do well in their upcoming exams. Though each subject has its own set of easy and difficult topics, for most of the students, getting a good score in literature subjects like Hindi seems a daunting task. But in reality, earning a decent score in any language or literature paper is not that much difficult. All you need is to follow some basic rules and guidelines of our tutor in Hindi while attempting for the examination like Hindi.

Some useful ways of getting a good score in Hindi

1. Make a detailed study plan
School Children studying Hindi can prepare a detailed plan, to begin with, their preparation and make sure that all-important Hindi syllabus, like prose, vocabulary, poetry, etc. are included in the exam. Students must prepare a string study plan and follow it strictly; make sure that you revise all important chapters and concepts at least twice or thrice before giving the exams.

Children preparing for the board exam must go through the newest prospectus discussed during online home tuition in Hindi. Significant knowledge of the newest exam pattern, overall marking system, total weightage, etc. plays an important role in getting a good score in the exam.

2. Do section-wise preparation, don’t skip anything
All the school-going students, who have taken Hindi as their main subject can go through all the chapters and memorize all the chapters and poems as per the latest NCERT syllabus. To prepare effectively for grammar-related questions, the best way to get a good score is to practice, practice, and practice.

All the students taking classes from our online Hindi tutor are advised to practice regularly and learn from the mistakes done in the past. All the grammar and punctuation rules in Hindi are taught and discussed in online tuition for Hindi.

3. Students are encouraged to practice the past year question papers
Students doing self-preparation must refer to the last years’ papers so that they can develop their skills to complete the exam within the mentioned time. This way, they can study all the lessons learned so far and can judge the striving levels and questioning leanings.

Our online Hindi tutor also motivates children to do more mock tests as they help a lot in doing self-preparation, and at the same time, all doubts can get solved taking the assistance of our tutors.

4. Students must write and revise all chapters
Schoolchildren must not forget to write and reread all the concepts they have learned so far in Hindi tuition online. Students must recollect that they can’t study the entire Hindi syllabus in a single day, thus practice regularly so that all the concepts can get brushed up regularly.

Students must write every so that even the smallest grammatical mistake can get rectified. Also, students must examine their performance and try to empower the same.

Some useful last-minute tips
Read all the sections mentioned in your books and revise all of them frequently. More than half of the questions are asked from the textbooks.

1. Make sure that you are well versed with the grammatical instructions and vocabulary that are mentioned in the syllabus. Do more practice for the grammar questions, and when it is about the grammatical rules, some exceptions are taught and discussed during our online tuition for Hindi.

2. Remember to follow the format for essay and letter writing as following the same is important. While giving the exam day, make sure that while writing the answers for descriptive questions, you first make key points that cover all the important topics.

3. While giving the answers to unseen passages, students are expected to read the entire passage carefully and underline some of the vital words and phrases.

4. There are many internal choices for questions, so from that, you can select the questions whose answers you know very well. Attempt the questions in which you are confident and know that you can get a good score.

5. Since the question paper pattern for Hindi keeps on changing, so be sure that you follow the latest paper pattern by either referring to the official CBSE website or by talking to our online Hindi tutor.

6. While giving the answers in the exam, you must attempt questions in the serial number. However, this is not important but doing it this way ensures that you will not leave any question.

7. Go through all the instructions carefully before starting to write the answers. While writing the unread passages, students are supposed to read the entire passage carefully.

8. In the grammar section, give detailed attention to proverbs also as it holds significant weightage.

9. While solving questions holding a weightage of 5 marks, make sure that you mention five important points and explain all of them.

10. In the writing section, refer to the hints mentioned in the question. Make sure that you make boxes and try to complete your answer within the mentioned word limit only as taught to you during our Hindi tuition online.

Hindi is a scoring subject and in addition to following these self-preparation tips, students must take online Hindi tuition so that they can boost their overall score.

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