How soundproofing of windows work

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How soundproofing of windows work

Sound pollution is another kind of irritant that makes us crazy and kills peace at home. However, the good news is that experts from Vinyl windows Calgary have a solution to this problem. There are many kinds of noise reduction windows that offer you soundproofing features these days. Let's understand the ways to soundproof the windows and find out what is best for you.

What are the soundproof windows
Annoying noise can occur anywhere, whether it's the city that you are living in or the noisy neighbor you live nearby. Noise reduction windows help in minimizing the unwanted sounds coming from the surrounding. While no windows are completely soundproof, there are few things that you can do to improve the sound resistance in your home.

Sound transmission class (STC) and outdoor Indoor transmission class (OITC)
STC is used to measure the loss of sound transmission of ceilings, interior walls, and floors. The window manufacturers use the STC scale to determine the noise reduction quality of the products used in the manufacturing of windows. OITC system is less used than STC by the window manufacturers. It measures the loss of sound transmission of exterior glazing applications.

How do soundproofing windows work
Noise usually travels through two modes – through materials and air. Noise can be measured by outdoor/indoor transmission class and sound transmission class. Most of the windows today have Sound transmission class ratings of 26. Such windows are double-paned with 3 mm of glass. Moe windowpanes mean more insulation to reduce the outside noise.

Soundproof windows work by slowing the transfer of sound waves so that they become quieter. When sound waves transferred through different mediums, it gets absorbed and reflected. So, by adding additional glass panes and air space, you can reduce the noise transmission. To make the noise reduction feature effective, you need to use high-quality materials like weather-stripping that are lab-tested to ensure the proper performance of the process. Another thing that will ensure the optimum sound reduction is the proper installation with airtight seals.

Glass options for soundproofing
There are various glass options available to reduce the noise coming from the outdoor. The first thing that you can do is to upgrade the windows from a single pane to a double pane or triple pane. Another thing is to choose the mixed thickness glass design. When the sound waves travel from a glass of different thickness, it dampens it.

Single, double, and triple-pane windows for soundproofing
The intensity of noise decreases when multiple panes of glass are added to the windows. Single-pane windows allow most noise in the house as they have less material to dampen the sound waves. Double pane windows reduce the noise more than single-pane windows. Triple pane glass windows are the best when it comes to noise reduction. According to the window manufacturers Calgary, the triple-pane windows keep your home quiet and also insulates your home.

How to soundproof your windows
Soundproofing the windows may look complicated, but it is not so in reality. There are different ways through which you can reduce the incoming sound. However, the reduction in the sound will majorly depend on your budget. Here are the ways that you can use to soundproof your windows:

Caulking As sound waves need a medium to travel, you can use a caulking seal around the windows to reduce the incoming noise from the outdoor.

Retrofit laminated glass installation Another thing is the retrofit replacement which means new insulated glass units are installed on the existing vinyl window frames. This insulated glass unit can be made soundproof, and it is a sealed unit. It doesn't affect the functionality of the window. However, it can cost you almost double what you would pay for the normal window.

Window inserts are made up of soundproofing materials and foam which absorbs and reduces the sound waves. It makes a good barrier to the sound waves. So, when outside noise starts to irritate you, you can set the insert in place.

Soundproof glass Different window manufacturers offer a variety of soundproof glass. Such glass works best with double pane windows, and it has two functions – one is to block the surrounding noise, and the other is to act as an additional security barrier, so it remains intact even when it is shattered.

Soundproofing film Such films act similar to noise cancellation headphones. The strong lamination core is placed in the middle of two polymer layers. The film is installed in between a double-layer window with external and internal glass sheets as it reduces the noise coming from the outside.

Laminated glass is the best way to soundproof your windows. Laminated windows are the ones that have a layer of plastic inserted in between the outer two layers of glass panes. This lamination is supposed to dampen the sound waves. However, you should note that it will add up the cost of window replacement.

Window blanket Soundproof blanket for the window is a covering that is thicker than your normal blanket. These blankets are very useful when it comes to soundproofing the windows. Though there cannot be 100% noise cancellation with such blankets, you will experience a noticeable reduction in the incoming noise.

Best soundproof windows:
Soundproof windows are the best when it comes to reducing the incoming noise. However, they are expensive and will need you to replace your entire window and frames. If you are not up to spending this much, then you can make little change with the glass type of the windows. There are two types of glass that can increase the noise coming from the outdoors:

  • The Double-glazing glass offers both insulation and soundproofing.
  • The laminated glass offers both security and soundproofing both.

Soundproofing your windows is the best way to reduce the noise coming from outdoors. According to the experts from windows and doors, Calgary laminated windows are the best when it comes to soundproofing. It contains a plastic layer known as polyvinyl butyral between the glass panes, and it is successful in reducing as much as 95% of external noise.

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