How can I get more Facebook likes 9 powerful tips to increase your account

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How can I get more Facebook likes 9 powerful tips to increase your account

In the first part of this special, as we told you about how to make your Facebook more enjoyable, it is important that you know the contact and your audience's profile in depth and builds a real and permanent connection. In this second section, we'll focus on giving you useful and executable tips.

1. Fill in the details for your profile
You must find the details you need when you visit your website (note that many of them use Facebook to find out about specific data). It is, therefore, crucial to complete all data on your fan page.

Make sure that your plan is clearly and briefly detailed, set your hours, choose the sector your company belongs to, and add a link to your website. You can also put the company's representative photos.

These changes can be accomplished by accessing the "Setups" area at the right top of your page or by going to the "On" area and clicking "Page Edit Info" You can make these changes.

2. Refine the cover to help loopholes
Your facebook coverage is a lot more than the 'context' image: it constitutes one of the first two photos people see on the profile of your brand and you are aware of the fundamental value of first impressions.

In reality, the use of "first printing" helps you to not only create a more optimistic brand image; you can benefit from those seconds when you think about seeing your profile in advance to catch your attention. Finally, you can also use this room to disseminate your ideas.

3. Ask your friends to make your page "like"
It is a key instance in answering the questions of how to get more likes on Facebook as simple and obvious as that tip looks. What is the reason? Since you not only get their LIKES when asked by your friends but also tell them about your suggestion and consequently many of them will react positively.

Indeed, after you have given your liking, many people to whom you asked for this little contribution begin to see and possibly communicate with your news feeds regarding your publications (through Likes, Shares, or Comments).

4. Join the Brand's sound and uniqueness
To help people become interested to make your recommendations, connect with your content and choose to give them "Like" it is important, in the way you describe your company in your profile, to find your own style of your brand, that is manifested in your everyday posts and in the photos you choose.

5. Share the material with the public and check the statistical details
The correct approach to keep your dedication growing is to share content that resonates well with your listeners. It is basically about evaluating the profile of your audience and publishing publications that are useful to that profile (consider its demographics and patterns of use, preferences, etc.).

We recommend to you to know your target audience in greater detail (hereinafter we share a list of questions you can answer to explain your profile) and to check on your Facebook statistics to decide how successful every post is. To do so, you must also check your Facebook statistics.

6. Take advantage of the right way of the hashtags
Hashtags are one of the most valuable things to increase your content visibility. These are tags that essentially identify and allow users to find the subjects your articles deal with (through hashtag searches).

7. Make use of the most effective engagement formats
There are currently countless investigations showing that in the field of engagement the visual material is the kings (that is, about the capacity to interest and to involve the hearing). And in this sense, videos are at the forefront of public attraction in terms of effectiveness.

So much so that studies show that most people choose to read a promotional video for a product. That's why your brand profile should include the first videos and the second images permanently.

8. Turn to the content's emotional marketing
Emotional marketing is another very successful way to address the issue of how to make Facebook more enjoyable. Especially in social networks, the main motor in the behavior of people is to draw human emotions.

The use of emotional marketing is highly successful, as emotional content receives much more input from the public and is much more common with the general public.

9. On your business page, search your fans' publications
By design, Facebook pages for companies have allowed followers to publish their thoughts on the brand wall. Depending on your brand's form of critique and the profile of your sector of business, this can be constructive or not.

It's not actually the same thing as an insurance firm that a clothing shop attracts criticism. This is why it is incredibly important to keep an eye on what your fans share on your company website.

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