A Complete Guide On Launching On demand Multi services App

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A Complete Guide On Launching On demand Multi services App

Hi, there You would be aware of the multi-services apps that are rocking the marketplace. The multi-services apps are the closest preferences to users as they can get any type of service from a single application. Infused with features like tracking orders, scheduling deliveries, these apps are the perfect choice for getting numerous services from a single window.

This blog will take you through the ins and outs of Gojek like a multi-services app and how you can launch a clone version of the app.

Different on-demand services you can offer through the multi-services app

Ride-hailing or ride-sharing services
The ride-hailing business being the most popular service of all time is one of the services you can offer via the app. Here, users will choose your ride-hailing service by mentioning the exact address. Once the app receives the request, it will map to the nearest driver. In case the driver rejects the request, again the app will map it to the next nearest available driver.

In the case of ride-sharing, users choose the taxi after viewing the number of passengers and their share for their ride.

GPS tracking
GPS tracking in ride-hailing apps will help drivers and users track each others’ location.

Estimated arrival time
The app will present an estimated time in which the taxi will reach the users’ location. The estimated time of arrival will be available to users just after they enter the location.

Fare for the ride
Users can know the amount to be paid for the ride well in advance. The app will calculate the cost and display it on the app. Based on the amount users are free to choose whether they want to confirm the ride or not.

Schedule rides
If users are planning to commute on a later date, they can schedule rides according to it on the app. Else, users can book rides for immediate use. The app is flexible to accommodate any type of booking.

SOS button
The user app has an SOS button that can be pressed when users face any threat to their safety. On pressing the button, the admin will get notified and take the necessary step to safeguard users.

Multi Services App On-demand Super App
From ride-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery to service professionals booking, you can offer several on-demand services in a single app. Gojek, a super app popular in Indonesia does this and got the fame for one app that is providing multiple on-demand services. Buckle up to launch your Gojek clone app

Food delivery services
One of the most availed services in the food delivery services. As online food ordering is climbing heights these days, it is recommended to include food delivery services in your app. List the restaurants and users will choose their desired ones and place the orders.

Here is the list of features that can make your food delivery service more interesting to users.

Contact-free delivery - The app has an option to avail contact-free delivery service. The concept behind contact-free delivery is to avoid the spread of viruses between users and delivery persons. The delivery person will just keep the food parcels in front of the door and users will collect them.

Store pick up Another interesting feature of the Gojek clone is the store pick up. After selecting the food items, users can either choose delivery or store pick-up options. In case of store pick up, users will be notified once their food is ready and they will have to collect it from the concerned restaurants.

Parcel services
The parcel delivery services have come into the limelight lately. Users can send parcels to different locations by simply entering the destination. The delivery person will turn up at the users’ home, collect the parcel, and deliver it to the recipient.

Schedule services - Users can schedule the time in which they want the delivery person to collect the parcel from them. As per the mentioned date/time, the delivery person will arrive, pick up, and send the parcel to the destination.

Track parcels - Once users dispatch the parcel, they can track them until the recipient receives it. Once the parcel gets delivered, the sender/user will get notified.

Grocery delivery services
Grocery delivery has started gaining importance over the past few months. With a large number of grocery stores connected with your store, users can easily purchase groceries from their preferred or nearby stores. Similar to food delivery, users can opt for store pick up, contact-free delivery, etc.

Massage and parlor services
The on-demand services have left no business sector covered. On-demand massage services are now becoming popular in many localities. You can find massage service providers and offer on-demand services to users. Like massage services, parlor services are also available to users.

For availing of any of the above services, users will book the service provider based on their availability. If service providers are ready to take up services, they will reach out directly to users’ locations. Also, users can schedule the date on which they want to avail of the services.

The above list of on-demand services is to give you solid ideas on the possible come trending services. Apart from these, you can offer babysitting, tutor, housekeeping, plumbing services, etc. It is easy to attract users to your business with these on-demand services apps. Buckle up to launch your Gojek like the multi-services app!

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