KFC Rolls out Self Driving 5g Truck in China

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KFC Rolls out Self Driving 5g Truck in China

The fast-food brands in this entire world have become popular. People usually love to enjoy fast food and are very fond of it. The fast-food chains across the world have succeeded in making their position stable in the national as well as international markets. Every single person who wants to have something from outside visits these fast food chains that are internationally known and dines there knowing that they are the leaders of this market.

The most common reason why people choose these fast-food chains over the local and small vendors is that they offer a great deal at less price. In other words, these food brands are affordable and do not affect your wallet. One can easily have a small meal by only spending a minimal amount on it. This makes it easy for every person to enjoy the food without worrying about the money they spent.

Another reason for the rise of these brands is the quality of food. People always complain about the quality of the food that they get at the local outlets they visit. But this is not the case with these big food brands. They always prioritize the quality of the food. The reason they have sustained in this competitive era is the quality that they maintain. You will never find anything bad-smelling or rotten from their kitchen. This is why people prefer these food brands over the local ones.

These brands also have a wide range of food items present on their menus. For example, if we talk about KFC, they have a vast variety of food items, both vegan and non-vegan present in their menu. This creates a choice for the customer to choose from, and these brands make a profit from it. The pricing and the description of the food present on the menu of KFC make it one of the best examples, why menus should be designed appropriately.

The last step is marketing. We have always seen the advertisements for these food brands almost every time we visit outside or on our televisions. Marketing is essential for attracting more customers and reaching them out so that those who don't know about it can also know what this brand is all about.

And one similar yet innovative example of marketing that we saw recently was the launch of Self Driving 5g trucks by KFC in China. These trucks are manufactured by a Chinese company and believed in delivering the orders of the customers by driving themselves to the customer and then allowing them to take their food from it.

The trucks are self-propelled and don't need anyone else to drive them. And according to one user from china, whenever you complete your transaction, the gates of the vehicle open and drop the package, your order. So, you can take it easily without any trouble.

The menus and the price of all the food items present in the truck are listed on a screen, that is attached to the side of the vehicle, and after you order, it tells you the exact price and the food that you have ordered. These cyber trucks are called 5g trucks and have the branding of 5g on their top.

The trucks are smaller in size and are compact. They are believed to be running on level 4 autonomous driving. That means they can be controlled remotely and can also move on their own.

This marketing strategy of KFC is unique and first of its kind. No one would have imagined that one day an automatic guided vehicle will deliver our order and will bring our favorite fast food brand near us and that too without visiting the outlet. The launch of 5g trucks in China by KFC is a smart move by this food giant and will be considered a future idea that can transform the whole food industry in terms of delivery and transportation.

The benefit of this technology is that the brand can efficiently operate with the intervention from any individual. No, extra cost for delivery and no need to keep the records of delivery and related stuff. This will be an excellent choice for those who want to eat something whenever out without visiting the store.

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