Top 5 Beautiful Places for a Road Trip From NYC

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Top 5 Beautiful Places for a Road Trip From NYC

Shift into fifth gear and wear comfortable shoes. A weekend on the road, urban walks, and many, many stunning places from New York await to be explored by road. Start your engines on any Friday night, and start your Mondays fresh and without any Monday blues! New York is ideally located to be the starting point for many mini-vacations and road trips along the United States' beautiful East Coast. Furthermore, people traveling outside New York can also update their itineraries by including one of these below-mentioned places to enhance their vacation. Are you searching to book a flight immediately? Try with the most accessible American Airlines booking services. It's fast, easy, and convenient for all kinds of bookings and services. Check their website today!

Now let's put on our seat belts and start with the best place to visit near New York city!

Shopping in New Jersey
New York is an overwhelming destination. We all have heard the phrase that New York is the city that never sleeps. It is always packed with people, attractions, and places and comes up with a new thing every day. However, every New Yorker needs a short trip here and there just to let out all the city's hustle and bustle and calm their minds down to breathe out some fresh air and have a good time on the East Coast of the United States. New York offers the best shopping areas, but New Jersey is the place for you for people who love shopping and want to go for a short road trip.

You can reach New Jersey in just one and a half-hour drive from New York. Here you will find various kinds of stores where you can relax and disconnect along with shopping at cheaper rates.

Visit beautiful Philadelphia.
Another fantastic excursion from New York is the well-known road trip to Philadelphia, specifically Philadelphia's historic city. It is located less than two hours away from New York by road. It is advised to get in the shoes of one of the most mythical characters in cinema and run up the Museum of Art stairs. More places to visit and explore in Philadelphia are the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Independence National Historical Park. It was here in 1776 Founding Fathers of the United States signed the Declaration of Independence. If you wish to know more, you can even take the guided tours that are run all year long.

North Fork, New York
In just one and a half-hour ride, you'll reach the quaint and beautiful place known as North Fork with fine dining and wineries all around. Visit Jerry and Mermaid on your way from New York for lunch and try Bedell Cellars. This city also has these beautiful Lavender fields located at Lavender by the Bay.

Haines Falls, New York
Situated in the Great Northern Catskills, Haines Falls offers you beautiful outdoors, a natural breeze, lush and majestic waterfalls in abundance. Many road-trippers head down to Round Top to witness Glen falls and swim in its famous swimming hole during summers.

Cape May, Jersey Shore
It is hardly a three-hour drive from New York City; Cape May is busy year-round with tours, concerts, and culinary events. Rent a bike, and pick up a tour booklet at the Washington Street Mall information booth. Sandy beaches and lively Atlantic surf invites every New Yorker to forget the hustle and bustle of the busy road of NYC and indulge in the calmness by surfing through the challenging waves. You even have many water sports options like parasailing over the beachfront, or you may even ride a jet boat.

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