All You Need To Know About Preparing Your Child for Critical Thinking

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All You Need To Know About Preparing Your Child for Critical Thinking

International schools provide students with an effective and positive learning environment. The schools ensure this by equipping the classrooms with the latest technological equipment and stellar campus facilities. For instance, facilities like vast sports fields, swimming pools, digital libraries, etc., supplement the teaching efforts and steer holistic learning.

Furthermore, schools in Abu Dhabi maintain safety and security standards and ensure the learners' safety inside the campuses. The only problem is that the admission process for all international schools is rigorous. It requires the parents and students to be aware of the intricacies involved in the application admissions to international schools in Abu Dhabi. Keeping that in mind, this guide will cover the essentials needed to prepare for.

Schedule a visit to the school
You must visit the school you have selected for your child. The idea is to check the environment where the learner will receive education and the school's objectives and missions.

Moreover, having an idea about the various facilities available and the offered curricula will help you prepare for the admissions process. It can also be an effective strategy for interview preparation.

Prepare for the assessment
You can tackle preparation for the assessment procedures via two ways - motivation and studying. You can motivate the learner by bringing them along to visit the school and show the various activities they can participate in. For instance, the sports area, art class, and meeting peers can enhance the learner's motivation to prepare for the assessment.

The second way is via studying for the admission test. Depending on the child's grade and academic performance, there may be an entrance test. Therefore, parents should gain relevant information regarding the examination and prepare the learner accordingly.

Conduct mock interview
It is advisable to conduct mock interviews at home. The idea is to familiarise the learner with fundamental questions that the procedure will involve. It is also crucial that you avoid making corrections during the interview. You should note their response and give the correct answer when the exercise is completed. It will also help if you provide explanations for the answers.

Moreover, work on how the child responds to the questions. For instance, noting their tone and behavior will help bolster the execution. The exercise will also enhance the learner's confidence as they will be aware of what to expect in the actual interview.

Minimize the stress
The admission process in a few international schools can be a daunting task. It involves various tests, interviews, screening rounds, etc. Therefore, the best thing you can do is avoid stressing the learner, including yourself.

Moreover, pressuring the learner into doing well may also lead to anxiety and distress. Enabling the learner to adopt a positive attitude will bolster their motivation and streamline the entire admission process. You can talk to other parents to see how they are coping with the school admission process.

Check for student scholarships
A few schools in Abu Dhabi offer student scholarships to provide an ideal learning environment for deserving students. The idea of student scholarships is to recognize the learners' skills beyond the confines of academic performance.

Therefore, even though there are multiple merit scholarship programs, learners who have a stellar track record in performing arts, technology, and other areas can access the rewards. Moreover, such scholarships also minimize the parents' financial burden and enable the students to study in an excellent learning environment.

Final say
The best international schools in Abu Dhabi steer the holistic development of the students. The admission process is just the first step to ensure this excellence among the learners. Finally, it is best to check the school's website to learn about the application process in detail.

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