An In Depth Look at the GIIS Mahatma Gandhi Merit Cum Means Scholarship

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An In Depth Look at the GIIS Mahatma Gandhi Merit Cum Means Scholarship

Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world, Nelson Mandela rightly said.
Today, education is globally recognized as a fundamental right that every child – regardless of their caste, creed, religion, gender, or race – is entitled to. Obtaining access to quality elementary education molds children into knowledgeable, sensitive, compassionate, and well-adjusted citizens in a rapidly advancing world. Premier international schools provide active assistance to students and their families, bringing education one step closer to every child and unraveling students’ innate potential.

The Mahatma Gandhi Universal Values Merit-Cum-Means Scholarship is one such avenue that extends financial support to parents who cannot afford the regular school fees. Such scholarships shatter the idea of education being concentrated in the hands of few privileged classes in society. Are you toying with the idea of applying for an MCM scholarship at GIIS Bangalore for yourself or your child? Then, have a look at the detailed application process:

1) Fill Out the Application Form
The first step is to fill out the online application form available on the GIIS Bangalore website. Parents must carefully fill in relevant details, including their residential information, students’ academic information, parents’ professional details, etc.

The form also requires applicants to submit certain essential documents, including the student’s academic records from the past two years; family income documents from the past two years (including the parents’ employment documents if they are employed); a self-declaration form concerning the Gross Family Income, etc.

2) Check the Scholarship Selection Status on Email
Typically, the school notifies successful applicants, over an email, of their selection into the scholarship. Parents should receive this email within ten working days. They may also contact the school for any further questions or clarifications.

3) Take the Scholarship Assessment
The school then conducts a scholarship assessment to further affirm the students’ eligibility for the scholarship. Typically, the examination evaluates a student’s foundational comprehension of essential subjects such as English, maths, and social studies. Expatriate students residing beyond city limits may take the examination online instead of physically appearing for the same.

4) One-on-One Interview
Next, the student may also be required to appear for a one-on-one interview upon the school’s discretion, i.e., if the school deems it necessary to further evaluate the student’s caliber.

5) Selection and Disbursal
Lastly, the selected students are officially offered the scholarship, followed by the disbursal process. Students must register at the school within two weeks and join within 90 days of having accepted the scholarship.

General Guidelines While Applying for the Mahatma Gandhi MCM Scholarship

Here are some aspects to remember while applying for the Mahatma Gandhi MCM Scholarship:
The applicants must be Indian citizens belonging to the middle-income family group. The scholarship is bifurcated into four broad categories (A, B, C, and D) based on family income ranges. Students receive grants on tuition fees based on their income group.

Students must have scored a minimum of 60% (or an equivalent score) in their previous examinations spanning the past two years. They must produce relevant documents supporting their scores.

In case the student has a local guardian, the gross family income of the local guardians in India would be considered while processing the application.

Elementary education at primary, secondary, and high school is the foundation for an enriching journey it nurtures and supports students to prepare for a limitless flight ahead. GIIS Bangalore offers students of all economic backgrounds an affordable and accessible medium to grow and thrive. The school provides state-of-the-art infrastructure, implement innovative teaching methods, and focus on a holistic approach to education.

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