What Is Street Furniture

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What Is Street Furniture

Furniture is of many types, starting from residential to commercial ones. New trends are being introduced in these furniture units every year, making them perfect for decoration and designing. However, it is the street furniture units which have recently gained a lot of popularity in the UK.

It's quite a new word for many, and hence, most of you might not have an idea about what street furniture exactly is. To make you more familiar with this term, we will talk about this furniture type briefly followed by some relevant facts about the same.

What is street furniture?
The first thing you need to know about street furniture is what they are. Many people usually think that the furniture units sold on streets and local shops belong to this category but it's a bit different. However, that's not the case. The name implies all the furniture units you will see on the streets, including the benches, wooden fences, tree houses, public sculptures, and so on. All the units installed along the sidewalks, pavements, and the broad streets and highways belong to this category. When you visit the street furniture suppliers, you will find that some even sell the public portable lavatories as street furniture units.

What are the types of street furniture?
This section will study more about the types of street furniture you will usually see in the UK. Along with describing the types, we will also consider a few benefits to learn more about them.

Benches and street seats: these can mainly be seen along the sidewalks and the pavements inside the park or around a garden.

Planters and public garden furniture: one of the most common types of street furniture is the planter and other kinds of gardening items like raised beds, vertical garden stands, etc.

Transport shelters are at the bus stoppage or near the cab stands, transport shelters are essential.

Traffic signals and bollards: all the traffic signals you see on the city streets and highways belong to the street furniture category. Also, bollards belong to the same group.

Street lighting: street lightings can be of various types, starting the lamp posts to the LED street lights, and so on. No matter what the type is, they all fall within the category of street furniture.

How to choose the best street furniture supplier
When you choose the street furniture suppliers, you need to be extra cautious about what you want. Following are some tips which help you in selecting only the best.

  • Start with a list of street furniture you need.
  • Choose the supplier based on their reputation and experience.
  • Look through the supplier’s stocks of street furniture.
  • Keep the price in the mind.

Here, in this discussion, we have talked about street furniture, which includes the definition, the types, and some ways to select the best furniture supplier. So, without wasting any further time, you can now understand the different furniture units and make a plan for their placement. Hope you understood everything very well.

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