Standard Custody Agreements What is the Best Plan for Your Child

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Standard Custody Agreements What is the Best Plan for Your Child

Divorce is a very common occurrence nowadays. At the same time, child support, child custody, etc., things are also now almost everywhere. That is why people are more concerned about these things. So, here our recommendation is, handle these things in the best way.

For this reason, here, we will talk about standard custody agreements. Besides, we will try to find you that what is the best plan for your child. If you want to make child custody agreements and a plan for your child like a pro, then this article will help you a lot.

Standard custody agreements
A custody agreement or a child custody contract is a written document which has all the guideline for the child custody. This agreement is basically done issued between parents of the children. This is a legal document that signifies that the children's responsibility is one (custodial) parent’s.

If you want to file for your child's custody, the first thing you have to do is make a child custody agreement. It will be better if you submit the agreement jointly with your partner. It will be more approvable to the court.

What are the basic components of child custody
There are several things written in this document. Basically, the whole plan of the child stays in the agreement. All the basic components of child custody are given below:

  • The final declaration of the custody.
  • Division of the parental authority and decision-making power of the custodial parent.
  • The child visitation schedule.
  • The method for modifying custody agreement.
  • The method of dispute resolution.
  • Different types of additional provision if you want to include.

These are mainly the elements written in a standard custody agreement. But there may be some other thing to add in your province. That is why we will recommend you to check your province’s requirements before submitting it.

What is the best plan for your child?
When you are making a parenting plan, you have to consider many things. All of them will be discussed below. The plan will be the best only if you all the things we will give here. These are as follows:

Consider child’s interest first
When you are making the plan of parenting, the priority will be the children’s interest. Their physical needs like clothing, shelter, food, etc., and emotional needs like a healthy mental state, a good relationship between parents, etc. will have to be considered when making the plan.

Choose an implementable schedule
This schedule has an impact on the routine of your child and the family. That is why you have to make a schedule that really works for your family and lasts for a long time. You have to adjust it with your child’s needs and the other parent’s schedule. Most of the court recommends the parent to go with a 50/50 time split. This can be arranged in many ways like Bi-weekly rotation: - Here the first week will be with one parent’s and then next week will be with the other parent. 2-2/5-5 rotation: - Here first two days with a parent and then the next 2 days will be will another parent. After that 5 days back with the first parent and then 5 days with the other parent.

Plan by discussion both parents
A schedule should be made by discussing with both parents. Mainly custodial parent gets priority here. Like you are filing for your child's custody and making the plan, here, you have to adjust time with the custodial parent.

Maintain your personal goals also
In the case of making a plan, you also have to consider your life goal. Make a plan in a way so that you can get enough time for yourself. It will help you have a well-balanced plan that will be preferable for you and your child.

The bottom lines
Making a standard custody agreement is not so easy. There are a lot of interesting things actually in the agreement to include. That is why you should be very careful when you are making it. Make it in the exact way that we have given here. Anyway, this article is all about standard custody agreements and what is the best plan for your child. We hope after reading this article you have found everything that you are searching for.

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