Are Part Worn Tyres Safe

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Are Part Worn Tyres Safe

The tyre manufacturing industry is loaded with a humongous number of tyre types and models. It becomes essential to know a bit about them before one actually spends money on buying a particular tyre set. Tyres like Run-flat, Seasonal tyres, Performance tyres, etc are quite common. Almost all the dealers and service centres stock themselves with these tyres.

Part-worn tyres form a category that’s usually considered unsafe. Many drivers refrain from buying them because of their lower tread depth. But they also come at a lower price and this may attract many buyers. So, if you still wish to buy a pair of Part-worn Tyres Coventry, it’s crucial to exhibit some essential information for better knowledge.

What are part Worn Tyres
The UK government identifies 1.6mm as the legal lower limit of tread depth that is acceptable. So, what some tyre dealers do is import used tyres from countries where the tread depth limit is slightly higher than that of the UK. This means that these used or part-worn tyres come with a tread depth that’s more than the UK’s limit.

Are Part Worn Tyres Safe
As mentioned above, part worn tyres are used ones. They travel a significant distance before reaching you. The tread depth of a brand new tyre is almost 8 mm. This signifies that the car tyres Coventry can last for almost six years.

However, Part worn tyres do not have adequate tread depth for them to last long. Their price may make them seem like a good trade but safety becomes questionable. You can’t rely on them and the chances of damages and punctures elevate. Driving with part-worn tyres means putting safety at heavy risk.

The Alternate Solution
If you wish to buy a decent tyre set at a lower price and don’t trust the part-worn tyres, you can definitely try the budget tyres. Though they are not as good and durable as brand new tyres, they still come with a tread depth of 8mm. Buying budget tyres are not that bad. They may not last long but they’ll somehow keep you safe when compared to part-worn tyres.

What to Look for in a New Tyre Set
Tread pattern: Companies make tyres with different tread patterns for diverse road conditions. You need to determine the road condition common in your area. Tyre complementing the scenario needs to be bought.

Tread compound: Most new tyres have a tread compound that’s made of a mixture of silica, carbon black, and rubber. These materials make the tyre more durable and strong. It is recommended to cross-check the tyre before buying.

Brand: This is one of the necessary aspects. Branded tyres deliver better performance and this fact can’t be denied. Companies like Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, etc make some exceptionally good tyres. However, they do come with a heavy price tag. But no price is greater than your safety.

Tyres enable the vehicle to contact the road. They ensure that the journey is covered smoothly. They also carry the weight of your entire vehicle. These are some of the major jobs performed by tyres. It is necessary to buy a set that can last longer and keep you safe.

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