How does HR software aid in recruitment

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How does HR software aid in recruitment

Technological advancements have proven to be a boon during the pandemic. The transitional shift from office to work from home wouldn’t have been possible without these web-based applications. HR software has made it possible to communicate on a secured closed platform for the organization to execute from remote locations. The HRM has recruited new employees as per the requirement of the organization using these technologically advanced tools. These technological advancements have turned resulted in an easier approach towards the new normal

Let’s take a look at some of the functions the HR software has enhanced:

Recruitment Management
Reaching qualified applicants is an important aspect of recruitment. HRMS software aids reaching out to the qualified candidates online to select the eligible candidate to be welcomed to the organization. The web-based application allows the HRM to communicate with the candidates and form vacancies as the requirements of the organization. This feature assists in taking care of job approval, job description, offer extension, and an email notification to the HRM and the candidates about the proceedings.

Job posting
The search for qualified candidates begins with posting a job vacancy on outsourcing platforms such as Linkedin, Naukri, etc. Some of the requirements that include in the job posting are

qualification required duration of experience, availability of the candidate, etc. web-based application helps in forming a well-equipped job description with the data of the requirements of the organization.

Application tracking
Once the application is on online sourcing platforms online applications are going to flood the HRs inbox. Web-based application filters these applications following the requirements and scales out the application eligible candidates for the interviews. HRMS software assists the HRM to view the required applications, communicate with the applicants, and schedule interviews. The HRM can manage auto-responses, pre-screening, and evaluate the candidates as per requirement

Resume management
Web based HRMS software assists in the pre-screening of the applications submitted by the candidates. This feature reduces the workload of the employees and smoothens the process of recruitment. It notifies the employee about the eligible candidates and allows the candidate with the required information. The HR team can access the resumes, pre-screening the candidates, and manage auto-replies to the applied candidates about the acceptance of the resume.

Once the candidate is selected the journey towards the onboarding procedure begins. Due to remote onboarding, the HRM faced challenges to get hold of the hard copies of the documents. The HR software functioned as a savior. Web based HR software allowed the IT team to create an account and generate login credentials for the new employees. New joinee can access the account using these credentials and upload the scanned documents to proceed with the onboarding process. Once the onboarding process is completed the employee can ensure the accuracy of the information provided by him/her.

Reporting and analysis
Web based applications assist the HRM and the data analytics team to evaluate the organization's progress and the performance of the employee. It enhances the employer’s understanding of the organization the newly hired employee has and schedules the required training for the employee.

These essential functions play an imperative role in building a base for the newly hired employees' life cycle. Web based applications assist in carrying these functions with an easier approach. Web based applications such as the HR software empowers the newly hired employee to ensure that the data provided has no probability of errors and acknowledges the understanding of the terms and policies related to benefits provided by the organization. It can’t be denied that the pandemic has adversely affected the whole globe, these technological advancements have served as an umbrella for organizations to keep stepping towards the betterment of the organization.

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